MEDIA CATALOGUE CORPORATION (MCC) operates as a visionary fund within the African media and entertainment industry, dedicated to leveraging a wide array of intellectual and physical assets. Beyond intellectual property in television, literature, and music, MCC extends its investment to equity in studios and tangible assets essential for production and outdoor media operations. Managed by Unum Capital and administered by Lifecycle Investment, MCC is primed to enhance the sector’s value through strategic investments and management.

Fund Performance

Fund Overview

As an intellectual properties company, MCC was specifically created to acquire, retain and commercialise rights associated with digital media catalogue.

This fund targets a broad spectrum of media including, but not limited to, television series, literature, digital billboards, and musical compositions. MCC’s primary role is to serve as the optimiser of these intellectual assets, ensuring their strategic distribution and utilisation to optimise returns for stakeholders.

With an increased demand for digital media content which will continue, there is long-term value and potential for monetisation through licensing and distribution deals. when investing in media assets, there may be tax incentives and benefits.



Peer Group

Private Equity


Consumer Price Index +500 bps

Inception Date

01 February 2024

Regulation 28 Compliant


Investment Manager

Unum Capital | FSP: 564

Fund Administator

 Lifecycle Investment  (Pty) Ltd 


  1. Management Fee - 1%
  2. Performance Fee - N/A



Internal Rate Of Return (IRR)

18% – 24%

Time Horizon

Minimum 5-7 years

Minimum Investment Period

Minimum 3 years


MCC envisions becoming a catalyst for transformation and growth in the African media landscape, creating an integrated network of intellectual and physical assets that foster innovation, cultural expression, and financial robustness.

The challenge

The South African media industry faces a critical challenge in effectively managing the intellectual property (IP) of locally produced content, spanning TV, documentaries, dramas, literature, and music. 

The Challenge

The South African media industry faces a critical challenge in effectively managing the intellectual property (IP) of locally produced content, spanning TV, documentaries, dramas, literature, and music. Currently, there is a notable absence of a dedicated catalogue company within South Africa, leading to missed opportunities for creators, producers, talent, and funders to capitalize on the lifetime value of their productions. This gap hinders the strategic licensing of content for streaming, re-broadcasting, or adaptation into different formats, limiting the financial benefits that could be derived from these creative works.


In response to this challenge, the Media Catalogue Corporation (MCC), presents a transformative solution.

Our Solution

In response to this challenge, the Media Catalogue Corporation (MCC), presents a transformative solution. The MCC Fund hosted on the eQvest Crowdfunding platform, aims to create a centralized hub for managing and monetizing South African-produced content. This platform empowers creators, producers, talent, and funders by allowing them to actively participate in the financial success and longevity of their productions. Through strategic licensing, content can be efficiently distributed to streaming platforms, rebroadcasted, or adapted into new forms, ensuring a continuous revenue stream for stakeholders.

The Media Catalogue company not only addresses the immediate problem of IP management but also democratizes the industry by inviting participation from the public. Individuals who have enjoyed these productions can now become investors, contributing to the financial success of the content they love. The royalties generated from extending the reach and shelf-life of these productions will be reinvested in developing and supporting emerging South African talent, fostering industry transformation. This model opens up the traditionally closed entertainment industry, providing a new avenue for all stakeholders, from industry players to consumers, to invest in the future of South African media while enjoying the outcomes of their investments from the comfort of their own homes.


Fund Brochure

Fund Fact Sheet


Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy

MCC’s strategy encompasses a broad spectrum, from intellectual property acquisition to investing in film and music studios and essential media equipment. This diversified approach aims to secure and grow the fund’s asset base, ensuring a balanced portfolio that taps into various revenue streams within the media and entertainment sector.

Risk Mitigation Strategy

Risk Mitigation Strategy

MCC’s Risk Mitigation Strategy emphasizes prudent investment in equity of established businesses with a proven track record of at least 3 years, ensuring a foundation of stability and ongoing performance. Furthermore, the fund’s investments are bolstered by backing from both physical and digital assets, creating a secure and diversified portfolio. This approach not only minimizes risk but also assures investors of the fund’s commitment to sustainable growth and resilience in the dynamic media and entertainment sector.

Revenue Generation Strategy

Revenue Generation Strategy

MCC’s Revenue Generation Strategy is multi-faceted, focusing on monetizing a diverse portfolio of media assets. This strategy leverages intellectual property rights through licensing deals, partnerships, and direct commercialization, expanding into equity investments in studios and media equipment. By also investing in physical media infrastructure, MCC creates additional revenue streams through asset leasing and utilization. This comprehensive approach ensures sustainable growth and maximizes stakeholder returns, positioning MCC as a key player in the African media landscape’s economic and cultural development.

Social Impact

Social Impact

MCC is dedicated to making a profound social impact, investing in projects and assets that not only yield financial returns but also promote cultural heritage, diversity, and community development across the African continent.

Innovation And Partnerships

Innovation And Partnerships

At MCC, innovation and strategic partnerships drive the fund’s operations, seeking out new technologies and collaborative ventures that can amplify the value and reach of its assets, thus ensuring its position at the forefront of industry advancements.

Investor Incentives

Investor Incentives

Investors in the MEDIA CATALOGUE CORPORATION (MCC) benefit from engaging with a fund that is at the forefront of African media and entertainment sector growth. With a strategy focused on both intellectual and physical assets, investors have the unique opportunity to participate in a diversified portfolio with a medium to high potential return range of 18%–24% IRR. The fund’s commitment to innovation, strategic partnerships, and social impact aligns financial returns with contributing to the cultural and economic development of the African continent, offering both financial and societal rewards.

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