Meet Our Non-Executive Team


Mark is a Key Individual in terms of FAIS and has extensive experience serving as an executive in several organisations. Mark worked as a product developer and fund manager before starting Unum Capital and joining the Company. He performed technical and strategic roles and held the position of Chief Executive Officer at Vunani Private Client Stockbrokers, where he managed operations and engaged with regulators and exchanges. Mark has demonstrated specialist expertise in financial derivatives trading, portfolio management, and product development throughout his career.


Louise is an experienced professional with a diverse background in compliance oversight, operations and portfolio management. Prior to her role at Unum Capital, Louise worked as an investment analyst and gained expertise in portfolio management, fund research, client communication, administration, compliance officer tasks, and training junior staff. Louise joined Unum Capital in March 2018, . She provides expertise in compliance, policymaking, and operational requirements. 


Zethu has extensive experience in the Financial Services Industry having worked for several well-known Corporates such as First National Bank, Sanlam, and Rand Mutual Assurance. He has successfully completed the FAIS Representative and the Key Individual’s Regulatory Exams. He has fulfilled several different roles over the past few years that have added to his wealth of knowledge and experience. Within the Sales division of the group, he has done valuable work in Key-client Relationship Management; Market Analysis, as well as Portfolio Analysis. His experience in the industry testifies to his professional philosophy of appreciating all the facets of business. He brings a unique element to the Company and has already added to the growth of the company. Zethu was appointed as the Chairman of Risk Committee from August 2023 due to his knowledge, interest, and growth in the discipline of Governance Risk and Compliance.

Meet Our Executive Team


A dynamic and community-oriented professional serving as a director on multiple entities. Armed with an entrepreneurial mindset, Deeply passionate about self-improvement, leadership development, and contributing positively to his community. Proven track record in initiating and driving positive change. His leadership approach is fuelled by a robust commitment to ethical practice, sustainable growth, and cultivating a corporate culture of transparency and integrity.


Ian has a passion for accounting and is a leader in the advisory field today. His knowledge and understanding of business have led him to become an entrepreneur in the truest sense. Ian started his own accounting and auditing business in 2018 and has already grown theses into a successful business employing 18 full-time staff and still growing. His use of cutting-edge technology has already identified his business as a leader in the changes taking place in the accounting industry. Ian is also a major shareholder in a variety of business portfolios.